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We help Farmers and Households grow their gardens through supplying and installing affordable drip irrigation garden& home kit ,rain-hose spray, venturi injectors,net house solutions and many more.

Irrigation System

Our Irrigation system applies controlled amounts of water to plants at needed intervals.Throgh this it helps to grow agricultural crops, maintain landscapes, and revegetate disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of less than average rainfall.

Net House Solutions

Our Net Houses are designed structures which purpose is to reduce the damage caused by insects (Agents propagators of viruses), by the wind and the excess sunlight to the crop. They are especially suitable for cultivation areas susceptible to exposure to these agents.

Venturi Injectors

Our Venturi injectors are used for Fertilizer & Chemical injection through drip irrigation system Venturi - fertilizer injectors are the most efficient and economical way to feed liquid nutrients to the roots of the plants through drip irrigation system. Plants absorb fertilizer more efficiently.

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Cost reduction
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Growth For Farmers

Grow your farm and produce greater crops, With Grow Drip irrigation system

Growth For Smallholding

Develop your own simple Backyard Garden, With Growdrip Home-Kit irrigation system.

Most Affordable Solution

Get the most affordable irrigation system.
“Almost a year ago we launched A Woman's Worth Chapter in Zambia. A Woman's Worth Chapters are set up in various countries in Africa with a group of independent women who unite to make a positive impact in our communities through shared goals and skills. Grow Drip supported our initiative as a sponsor and supported the winning nominee with a grow drip kit and start up for her project. So far she has made incredible milestones of her remarkable journey towards shifting the narrative of challenges faced in Zambia. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Grow Drip executive technical director Adewale Grillo and his outstanding team for making this opportunity a reality. I commend their innovative work on small urban farming initiatives and support their drive to creating future communities that shift the narrative of challenges on hunger in Zambia and across Africa....”
Leah Kitoloh - Founder & Director
LeahK Pty Ltd | A Womans Worth | 4Cs

Pioneers in Agricultural Growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You won’t have to spend another minute of your valuable leisure time watering the lawn. Your new system will do all of the watering for you – even when you’re away from home.

All soils can be irrigated but the right irrigation system has to be selected. For example, soils with a high clay content can be irrigated with a trickle (often called drip) irrigation system, a surface irrigation system (if the land has less than 2% slope) and a solid-set sprinkler system, however, a moving sprinkler system like center pivots and lateral moves may not work very well. Conversely, a soil with a high sand fraction on sloping land can be irrigated very well with a moving sprinkler system but not by a surface irrigation system and it may be difficult to use trickle irrigation and solid-set sprinklers due to elevation differences.

Drip irrigation is a recent advanced irrigation method. Irrigation water is conveyed from motor or pressure water sources to the plant root zone directly through a network of PVC and low density polyethylene pipes. The water is emitted through drippers for  longer period and at low rate drop by drop matching plant water requirement.

Genius Chabinga

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