About Us

Pioneers in agricultural Growth

We are more than just an agricultural product

Grow Drip Zambia Limited is an authorised distributor of DripTech micro irrigation products in Zambia as well as a reseller of KSNM DRIP and provides sales and consulting services.

Our business is built around a team of skilled technical staff and experienced people and process managers to deliver a unique and superior customer experience.

Our vision is to provide the best quality and cost effective irrigation solutions for small scale farmers in the country through the pursuit of continuous improvement, innovation and excellence. 

Pioneers In Agricultural Growth

Our commitment is to provide a superior product that exceeds customer expectations and impacts the communities in which we work in visible and tangible ways.

Management Pillars

A strong team with years of experience

Bridget Ndovi

Client Service

Bridget is responsible for designing solutions with a focus on return on investment and also provides support and training on record keeping for farm management

Adewale Grillo


As CO-Founder of the business and Managing Director and is responsible for Technical Operations, and overall Administration.

Enock Kabita


installs irrigation solutions as well as nethouses and custom raised beds. He has a trades certificate in carpentry and has been trained in house on installation of drip and spray irrigation.

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