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Develop your own simple Backyard Garden, With Growdrip Home-Kit irrigation system

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Grow your farm and produce greater crops, With Growdrip irrigation system.



Grow Drip supplies and installs affordable drip irrigation garden& home kit ,rain-hose spray, venturi injectors,net house solutions and many more.

“Almost a year ago we launched A Woman's Worth Chapter in Zambia. A Woman's Worth Chapters are set up in various countries in Africa with a group of independent women who unite to make a positive impact in our communities through shared goals and skills. Grow Drip supported our initiative as a sponsor and supported the winning nominee with a grow drip kit and start up for her project. So far she has made incredible milestones of her remarkable journey towards shifting the narrative of challenges faced in Zambia. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Grow Drip executive technical director Adewale Grillo and his outstanding team for making this opportunity a reality. I commend their innovative work on small urban farming initiatives and support their drive to creating future communities that shift the narrative of challenges on hunger in Zambia and across Africa....”
Leah Kitoloh - Founder & Director
LeahK Pty Ltd | A Womans Worth | 4Cs
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We believe it is essential to provide our team with the resources and services to grow our business.We take care of our customers and go the extra mile to provide solutions.


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Our commitment is to provide a superior product that exceeds customer expectations and impacts the communities in which we work in visible and tangible ways.